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Over the past two years, the Knowledge Management Council (KMC) has successfully identified and demonstrated that we have the ability to bring the jobs to Lincoln, we have the people who can perform the work, and we have the resources to keep the jobs here. This collective partnership—created by ATD Lincoln—has brought together community programs, government agencies, institutions of higher education, and community supporters to develop a business survey that is truly business driven, and a household survey to identify the true needs of those in the Lincoln area. The business survey was conducted with over 200 Lincoln companies, and its primary purpose is to create/increase awareness of the education and skill levels currently available, while also identifying those that are needed/necessary for the future development of the Lincoln workforce.

The results from these surveys can be used by local businesses, leadership, colleges, and universities for strategic and succession planning. The surveys also enable us to identify available programs and focus on the underutilized resources available in our community.

To review the findings from the KMC, please click on the items below:

Click Here to view the Make It Work for Lincoln Labor Availability Study.

Click Here to view the Business Survey Results.

Click Here to view the Household Survey Results.

Click Here to view the Programs and Services Identified

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What is Make It Work For Lincoln?  Click on the links below to learn more.

Where we have been and how far we have come

Mayor Chris Beutler's Press Release

Kevin's vision:
Listen and watch Kevin Mattran as explains his vision for Make It Work For Lincoln.

The Knowledge Management Council's purpose is to identify gaps in training and education in Lincoln, Nebraska and surrounding areas to re-align offerings of in-house training, on-the-job training, and institutional training, to better serve the needs of business and industry.

The Council will identify the problems and the current programs in place, define solutions and funding possibilities, and work with potential providers. Outcomes will be:

  • Identification of current programs in place for career planning and training
  • Identification of current skill gaps in business and industry
  • Identification of additional training and education needs
  • Identification of providers for new training and education programs
  • Development of alliances between education, government, and business/industry
  • Expansion of the education and training opportunities available in Lincoln
  • Growth promotion of Lincoln
If you have any questions regarding our Knowledge Management Council or would like to volunteer, please contact:

Dr. Nancy Stelter at 

Lincoln Chapter of the American Society for Training & Development, Inc.

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