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February Message

Thu, February 02, 2012 1:00 PM | Deleted user

When I was a kid, our television brought into our living room three entire networks of programming and several local channels that were found on the UHF dial. Reception and picture clarity often depended on the strategic placement of people in the room and tin foil antenna boosters. Today, I have hundreds of stations beamed into my living room (bedrooms, family room, kitchen) from space. I am WIFI’ed, digital, cellular, LinkedIn, and Facebook friends with people whom I have never met in person. My children laugh at the primitive technology in my “when I was your age” speeches and we have to draw straws (there’s an app for that) to determine who gets to use the Kindle Fire first.

I can credit the colleagues I have in ASTD for dragging me into the 21st Century. I have gone from Etch-A-Sketch to (almost) iPad in less than a decade. While I have yet to earn my Techno-Geek pocket protector, I am much more comfortable using today’s technology… I’m blogging for Pete’s sake!

Speaking as someone who used to be very quick to dismiss advances in technology and passing fads, I encourage you to attend our February program and workshop. We are calling the event the Social Media Tool Kit and it promises to have very valuable information to benefit you both personally and professionally. I have used Facebook as a learning tool, my connections on LinkedIn and with ASTD pointed me toward my current employment, and I have connected with family, friends and colleagues all over the world via these tools and others. I have yet to venture into the world of Twitter; mostly due to my inability to express myself in 140 characters or fewer.

Social media gives us new and exciting ways to learn, connect, network and plug into a global community of learners and teachers. Attend the February event and discover how these tools can benefit you.

The January event gave us a great start to 2012. I was particularly pleased with the number of guests we had in attendance. The most effective marketing tool we have is our membership, so keep talking about ASTD to your friends and don’t hesitate to ask a board member to help facilitate the enrollment process for anyone interested in joining us.


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