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April Message

Fri, March 30, 2012 1:11 PM | Deleted user

My wife told me of a meeting she recently hosted and her first comment was about the shortcomings of the guest presenter. While the topic was an important one, she feared that her staff got little or nothing out of the monotone, death by Power Point training session. On the bright side, presenters like this have kept many caterers, pizza places and donut shops in business. When was the last time you asked someone about a training or meeting he or she had attended, and the response you got was, “Great! They had one of those big sandwiches!” People should want to attend training regardless of whether you serve chocolate covered, cream filled, big as a 1980’s cell phone, Long Johns; or a box of powered donuts from the day-old bakery. What really puts butts in the seats…pizza or pizzazz?

Look at the programs our ASTD-Lincoln programming committee has slated for the next few months. There are no titles like “Increasing Retention with Baked Goods” or “Employee Engagement with a Vegetarian Option.”  Our programs are focused on things like, making slide presentations more visually engaging, story-telling and learning from highly effective teachers.

Our April program features ASTD member Jim Ellis who will show us how to create visually engaging and branded Power Point presentations. Learn how to create themes that stand apart from the standard Power Point templates that everyone has seen.

At the March duad meeting with LHRMA we learned about using improv and story-telling to effectively deliver content. We continue that theme in May when Brian Remer of the Firefly Group will present a learning event and workshop featuring the 99 word story format and techniques to increase involvement and retention in training sessions.

One of ASTD-Lincoln’s most popular speakers, Dr. Dennison Bhola, returns in June for a learning event that explores what we as corporate trainers can learn from highly effective teachers.

Yes, we will continue to serve lunch at our meetings, but our goal is to stimulate brain cells more than taste buds. Come to our programs for the content…the buffet is a bonus. Then listen to yourself the next time someone asks how the last ASTD meeting was, we hope that your answer will be, “Fantastic! I learned so much! Oh, lunch? It tasted like chicken.”


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