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May Message

Mon, May 07, 2012 3:15 PM | Deleted user

The Bucket Lists

This month being the 14th anniversary of my 39th birthday, I figured it as good a time as any to check the status of my “bucket lists.” Yes, lists; one personal, one professional.  Some of the items I’ve already checked off the personal list include:

  Put the band back together and play at my wedding reception.

Be in a movie.

  Appear on TV without having to rob a liquor store or claim to have been abducted by aliens.

  Make a living full-time as an entertainer.

  See the Chicago White Sox win the World Series.

  See these performers live:

  •   The Rolling Stones
  •   Crosby, Stills & Nash
  •   Dizzy Gillespie
  •   Tito Puente
  •   Buddy Guy
  •   George Carlin, and…(too many more to list).

Some that aren’t yet checked (and probably will never  be checked) are:

  •    Buy a Harley (if you happen to know my wife, maybe you can help me out with this one).
  •    Play first base for the Chicago White Sox.
  •    Have drinks with Richardo Montelban and have “fine Corinthian leather” come up in the conversation.

In looking at my professional bucket list, I see that most of the checks are there because of my involvement with ASTD. I have:

  • ü  Become a better presenter.
  • ü  Learned to create effective e-learning programs.
  • ü  Compiled a list of professional “go to” people.
  • ü  Met leaders in the field of employee learning.
  • ü  Played a role in the planning of professional learning events featuring internationally known speakers, and the list goes on.

Take a look at your own bucket lists. ASTD can help you fulfill your professional goals.  Attend a learning event, workshop or certificate program. Topics on this year’s calendar include story telling in training, effective teaching methods, instructional design, coaching and more. Be a part of planning events like the ones we have hosted  in the past, like: Disney, Afterburner, Author-Marcus Buckingham, founder of Caterpillar University- David Vance, Rapid E-Learning guru-Tom Kuhlman, just to name a few.

The opportunities are here. If you are a member, be a more active member. If you are an active member, look into serving on our board of directors. If you are an ASTD-Lincoln member, upgrade to a Power of 2 membership. Find something you want to learn then attend a meeting and find someone who can help you.

ASTD-Lincoln is one of the strongest and most active chapters in the US. We continue to grow and we’d like to help you grow. Bring us your bucket lists. We may not be able to get you that Harley, but we can certainly help you realize some of your professional goals. We make a difference; what do you make?

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